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6 Ways To Save Time In The Kitchen


Cooking at home is a great way to eat healthier and save money; but without a certain level of planning, it can seem daunting to most of us. How many times have you mentally prepared yourself to cook only to end up ordering out or worst “preparing” a bowl of Fruit Loops for dinner. 

The satisfying instant gratification from the home delivery or the instant meal are undeniable and hard to resist. There exist, however, ways to prepare a quick and healthy homemade meal in your own kitchen!! 

Here are our top 6 ways to save time in the kitchen : 

  1. Plan ahead 

At the beginning of the week, take some time to plan the meals you want to prepare. Knowing what you’ll cook, will help you create a complete grocery shopping list by identifying what you need to buy. 

Thinking of ingredients in terms of meals, this will save time in the grocery store and reduce food waste. 

2. Make an inventory of your freezer and pantry

This is another way to ensure you have all you need and reduce food waste

3. Clean and sort your veggies

Clean vegetables as soon as you bring them in from the store.

4. Meal-Prep

It can be overwhelming to meal-prep for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A good idea is to identify which meal is the most challenging to cook and prep for that meal. I personally like to meal-prep for breakfast and dinner.

Ideal ingredients for meal-prep:

  • Breakfast: soaked oats, eggs and veggies muffins, sautéed mushrooms, onions
  • Dinner: rice, beans, roasted vegetables, ground meats

5. Stock your pantry

Keep a supply of basic canned and dry foods on hand. Beans, pasta, canned tuna, are great foundations for quick and healthy meals.

6. Cook in Batch

Cook a base recipe that can be adapted to different dishes. Dried beans are a good example. You do not have to eat the same thing every day - freeze individual portions and enjoy them later.