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Food for thought : International Day of Women and Girls in Science !

February 11th is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

Whenever we cook, we turn our kitchen into a science lab.

We may not always think of cooking as a science, but it is. Every dish we prepare involves a chemical, biological or physical reaction between a set of ingredients. Consider flour and yeast, for instance, when brought together result in one of man’s kind most delicious inventions: Bread!!!

We all remember one of the first viral trends of the pandemic when we converted our kitchens into mini science labs and took on to making bread!! (haha)

If you are anything like us, the governing thought in your head while making bread is eating it, not the science behind it. But if you pause for a few minutes and think of the process of transforming yeast, flour and water into a bread dough is quite fascinating!!

Once mixed with the flour and water, the yeast starts doing its magic by metabolizing the flour into a multitude of air bubbles causing the bread to rise and develop this complex and delicious flavour we love.